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26 October 2012


From the original 300 posts: 
This may be the most emotionally raw thing I have ever written
~ December 2008 ~

An epiphany always happens when you least expect it and usually at the most inopportune time. This one started in the presence of a friend, who was being honest and sweet, but it came to fruition as I drove home behind tear filled eyes.

As the tears fell, these words…”Why? Why? Why? Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” became my chant, over and over again; so confused, so disappointed, and so completely pissed at fate!
I tried painfully and unsuccessfully to find my words as the epiphany happened, I cried myself to sleep like a wounded child, I woke up with my eyes swollen shut and attempted to write again, but all that came out was jumbled and jaded nonsense.
As the day slowly crept forward; the tears eased up and some smiles returned thanks to a great friend who was there for me as I began to unravel and fray in the early morning hours…I know it could not have been easy to witness; as a matter of fact I could see and feel just how tough it was for you too, it is difficult to see a friend breakdown. You are a wonderful and beautiful friend, and I am grateful for the comfort, encouragement and support. I want to thank you for the Kleenex, the shoulder to cry on, and for always being my source of smiles, especially when smiling seems to be the hardest thing to do…I can no longer imagine my life without you in it.
Finally…The words came to me!

The conversation that started the tears hurt like hell, because our connection is undeniably spectacular and sparkling and if any two people had a chance to be amazing together it is us, but what happened afterward had very little to do with the original conversation.

The epiphany and the emotions I could no longer control were three years in the making; it was every bit of anger I had in me for having my trust and faith disregarded, for being taken for granted, and for every fucking broken promise!

I am exhausted, but I have some clarity…

I am not the one you take home to your parents…
I am the one you take to the party.
I am not center front row…I am the back of the balcony.
I am not your life…I am a moment in time.
I am not your foundation…I am your muse.
I am not Christmas…I am Saturday night.
I am not your home…I am your escape.
I am not the meal…I am the cocktail.
I am not the wife…I am the mistress.
You are smart, sweet, and sexy.
You are fun, funny, and fabulous.
You are the sun, the moon, and the stars.
You get the joke, and can catch what is pitched.
You are happy and never cause drama.
You look at me with love in your eyes.
You listen to every word I say.
You are concrete and steel.
You are satin and lace.
You encourage me.
You support me.
You are my friend.
You are my lover.
Your smile.
Your eyes.
Your ass.


18 October 2012


Sometimes a word or idea gets stuck in my head and I can’t let it go until I have thought about it, chewed on it, discussed it, and finally written about it…here’s the latest:

“Vulnerable” – there is not one definition of this word that I would be happy to apply to myself or be referred to as:

The definitions of vulnerable; open to attack, weak or helpless, in danger, breakable, gullible, at the mercy of, exposed, naïve, inexperienced, easily hurt, and insecure. The word origin of vulnerable is derived from “to pluck, tear, or wound” – you must be kidding…fuck all of that!
Some say “the greatest strength comes from allowing yourself to be vulnerable”, and I agree if you complete the thought “the greatest strength comes from allowing yourself to be vulnerable in the presence of love and trust”. Unconditional love and complete trust, when mutually reciprocated, supports and strengthens every aspect of your life, because you are free to be exactly who you are, and as such allows you to be open, emotional and yes, vulnerable.
I have a great deal of empathy and sympathy for others; I am the first to cry with or for someone, I am supportive and thoughtful, and I’m a good listener and hand-holder. I can be all of those things and still not expose my own vulnerability to the “world at large”…I am content with this aspect of myself, and I comforted knowing that my own vulnerability is safe and protected by a very small group of people whom I love and trust completely.
Being vulnerable in the absence of love and trust feels like madness to me, a self-inflicted wound.
Love and trust, can you truly have one without the other?

“We're never so vulnerable than when we trust someone - but paradoxically, if we cannot trust, neither can we find love or joy” ~ Walter Anderson

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A well made margarita is a joyful thing. A sweet martini can make the world that much more fabulous. A shot or twelve of some silly named concoction can make for some mischievous memories; most of which end up with your skirt above your head, and eventually your head resting on cold porcelain.

There is nothing wrong with good cocktails, especially in the company of good friends.

When you are young (before the legal drinking age) sneaking alcohol is a right of passage and another way to rebel…some of the stupidest things you will do while drinking alcohol occur before you turn 21.
When you are legal to drink and possibly for the next 10 plus years; you will have a rip roaring good time, you will burn your candle at both ends, and you will start to realize ever action has a consequence while intoxicated, not that this realization will necessarily stop you.

Somewhere in your thirties there will be a moment when you realize your hangover is no longer cured by eating McDonald’s, drinking plenty of water before and after a night of drinking is smart thinking, and you are still cool even if you don’t do shots.

Somewhere around forty you are smacked in the head with the fact hangovers now last a minimum of two days, going to a club and staying out until 4am is no longer an option, and getting drunk happens unexpectedly and rarely…the days of planning your binge have long since faded away.

So, why did I feel the need to write about drinking?

On my 36th birthday I was downtown surrounded by friends with a margarita in each hand and two between my feet (last call and my friends wanted to make sure I was hooked up)…I was already lit up like a Christmas tree…I had an epiphany; I no longer belonged here – I was no longer this person.
I watched twenty-something year old girls stumble and fall, and all I wanted to do was help them up and take care of them. I watched middle-aged men chase and gawk after women half their age, and all I wanted to do was tell them they were being pervs and these girls could be their daughters…as intoxicated as I was, I knew what I was witnessing wasn’t entertaining, as it once would have been, it was just sad.

As I was having this epiphany, somewhere across town was a group of young girls, who I knew well, that were probably as intoxicated as I was, and smack dab in the midst of believing the only way to have fun is to be drunk.

I have always been surrounded by girls 15-20 years younger than myself…I had a job where I worked with them, and I have two nieces that are in the same age range. These young women are funny and smart, and it has been my honor to spend time with them.

These girls, like all the girls that came before them, have made stupid decisions and are starting to reap what they have sewn…some of them have gotten DUI’s, some of them have become alcoholics, some of them have failed out of college, and some of them have been injured, both physically and emotionally.

As they, or someone they know has been slammed with a consequence from their actions, remorse and regret has begun to seep in to their lives, unfortunately it is still fleeting.

I want to protect them, I want them to heed my advice, and I want them to not repeat my same mistakes…I can want these things until I am blue in the face, and still I know they have to learn it for themselves.

I want them to know they are loved for who they are, and maybe just maybe, some of us that are “older and wiser” are not passing judgment…we are passing along good advice with no bullshit attached.

I want to be able to have cocktails with them and not worry about the damage they will do to themselves...one day soon I hope, but until then, they can still call anytime for a ride home!

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Let's play in the sprinklers instead!

For twenty years I worked more weekend days than not, and frequent conversations revolved around what people had planned for their days off. I always hoped I would hear about fun and exciting plans, but sadly all I usually got was the run down of errands and housecleaning…so much for living vicariously through strangers as you toil away under fluorescent lighting.

I did learn a valuable lesson as I participated in some of the most mundane conversations of my entire life…it is better for your mental health to run errands, if at all humanly possible, on the days you work. On your work days, you are already dressed and moving about the world - making your pit stops before, during or after work is a smart use of your time, and frees you up to enjoy whatever curls your toes on the weekends.

The postal workers, grocery store checkers, oil and lube dudes, hairdressers and each and every retail clerk will express their gratitude for seeing you during the week, and your friends, family, children and significant other will enjoy making new memories with you on the weekends.

As for housecleaning…that can be done anytime you are actually at home, so why waste your day off with such boredom. The washing and drying of laundry can be done while you are doing other things, unless of course you are still beating your clothes against a rock and hanging them on the line to dry. Sweeping, vacuuming, mopping, dusting and tidying up can be done during commercials breaks, in-between lulls on Facebook when no one is updating their status about their interesting lives, while waiting for your farm/city/empire/frontier/mafia to reload its energy bar, while waiting for your turn on “words with friends”, or while chatting/texting/sexting on your smart phone, of course this may require you to occasionally put your cell down for a few minutes…you will be fine.

So, the next time you are having a conversation about the plans for your weekend or days off…I hope you boast about the exciting adventures that lie ahead of you, or I hope you say that you plan on day dreaming and getting lost in beautiful and silly moments.

In your final moments will you say "you lived your life" or "your life lived you"…?

I know, I know, some people actually enjoy errands and housecleaning because the routine and schedule of checking everything off of their to-do list gives them a sense of accomplishment that their world has remained in order. For those people, go on with your bad selves…I have no desire to ruin your bliss :)

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My parents divorced…WooHooo!!!

Divorce sucks and it tears apart families, we are all agreed, but not everyone wishes their parents had stayed married.

When I was a child I never wished my parents were still married, and as an adult I am grateful every day my parents divorced.

My sisters and I were raised by our Mother and this is our story…

We grew up on the poorer side of a middle class neighborhood; we did not worry about being shot, jumped, or violated in any way when we stepped past our front door. We freely rode our bicycles up and down any street, we played on playgrounds that were well maintained, drug free and free of questionable adults loitering about, and we swam at friends pool’s or at the local community pool that had a high dive and full time lifeguards.

We lived in apartments, rented houses, and with our grandma. We cleaned house on Saturday’s, usually during commercial breaks of whatever classic movie my mother was watching, and we always finished with plenty of daylight to spare. Then there were the Saturday’s when nothing got done, because we went to the beach instead!

New clothes were bought on sale before every new school year and again at Christmas, but name brand labels were no where to be found, except for the occasional pair of “please Mama please” sneakers…my finest begging and pleading moment was in 1982 for the most awesome pair of pink and black Vans ever!

Because money was tight…we did not have soda in our house; it was always homemade iced tea. No chips or store bought snacks; instead our mother would pop popcorn on the stove like a pro. We ate a lot of hamburger and tuna helper, but our mother always made sure we ate our veggies (real ones – no peas or corn for us). Every Sunday we had a traditional southern dinner with our grandparents. For a special treat we made homemade hot fudge sundaes; generic vanilla ice cream, chocolate syrup, and cocktail peanuts. And last, but not least, was the special way every beach day ended…with a Wendy’s Frosty for every one of us!

Our mother did the best she could, sometimes working two jobs, to keep a roof over our heads and food in our bellies. She loved us unconditionally, she had an easy way about her, she always had a sense of humor, and she never brought a strange man into our home. It was always the four of us, no one came between us, but many friends were welcomed through the years to make themselves at home. Everyone used my mother’s first name, not because she wanted to seem cool, but because the last thing our mother wanted to be was a stuffy parent that would make you feel awkward…our home was warm, inviting, relaxed, and casual.

We struggled, we had a part-time and eventually an absentee dad, we did not have everything handed to us, we always had to be aware of money, we did not have the perfect house, and we knew that no one was going to save us.

We were rich in love, laughter and support, we learned how to work for what we needed and wanted, we did not make our lives about material possessions or worry about what others thought of what we did or did not have, and we all learned by our mother’s example that sometimes making the difficult decision is the only way to be free and the struggle if often well worth the reward.

Our mother put her children first, her career second, and her romantic relationship was private and not part of our daily lives.

Our mother had a successful career and none of us have “mommy” issues, her grandchildren and great grandchild think she is awesome, and our mother is still the cheerful and optimistic flirt she has always been.

Being happy and self confident is inevitable when you are blessed with a Mother who loves you unconditionally, without judgment, and supports and encourages you every step of the way…I would not trade my family or the way I grew up with anyone in the world.

Our story would have been much darker and depressing had our parents stayed married, and our family would be the very definition of dysfunctional.

Divorce saved us, all of us.

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Everyone knows exactly 

what you are addicted to!

Every now and then there is some overweight person proclaiming “I love being fat, and plan on getting fatter!”…these people are lying and their pants are on fire!

This delusional person may have accepted they will never be svelte and lanky, but they do not love being fat - And don’t even get me started on wanting to be fatter!

Everyone is aware that being overweight takes a toll on your health, but overweight people know this far better than anyone else and they deal with their struggle every day.

Being overweight is the result of being emotionally addicted to food.

Most people who suffer with addiction can hide it from the general public, but when you are overweight everyone knows exactly what you are addicted to.

Every human being needs to consume food and food is everywhere…food addiction is the only addiction where you are required to continue to consume the one thing that you are addicted to…damn! damn! damn!

Of course as a food addict you should avoid sugary and fatty foods, you should portion control, meal plan, and deal with why you eat your emotions…every overweight person knows these things – I’d be willing to bet that most overweight people know more about dieting and weight loss than any expert in the world!

To conquer any addiction you need two things; someone who is ready and willing to get better, and a whole lot of someone’s supporting them no matter what – this may include professional help, and from your loved ones it may include a whole lot of honesty and tough love!

When you are overweight there are two types of healthy weight people:

The first person is someone who lives a normal lifestyle; they occasionally diet to drop some extra pounds they gained due to a happy or stressful life situation, they exercise for health and to offset their occasional indulgences, they have friends of all sizes and are supportive when asked to be, and they reserve their judgment…these are the people who cry with and cheer for every cast member on “The Biggest Loser”.

The second person is someone who has always been thin and fit; they diet continuously for fear of gaining one pound, they live in their gym clothes and by a strict routine, they worry about how every inch of their body looks, they also have friends of all sizes and are supportive when asked to be, but they do not reserve their judgment…these are the people who cry for you and tell you they know how you feel, and I have a feeling when they watch ‘The Biggest Loser” they say to themselves or maybe even out loud “how could you let yourself get that way?”

Both types of people can be great supporters when you are overweight:

The first type is good at being there during your successes and failures; when you slip and find yourself staring at the bottom of a pint of Ben & Jerry’s they are sharing a pint with you, when you call to tell them you lost 1.5 pounds they respond with the enthusiasm of a caffeinated cheerleader, and when you have stopped dieting, they don’t say a word and love you just the same.

The second type is good at the start of a diet and/or fitness routine; they will offer helpful tips and advice, they will offer to be your dieting or work-out buddy, and when you have stopped dieting, they don’t say a word and love you just the same.

Both types of people continue to love you just the same, but unfortunately they both say NOTHING when you stop dieting.

We always show our support at the start and finish lines, but very few of us maintain our support when the hard work is being done; when you hit craving potholes and frustrating plateaus, when you are faced with holidays and happy hour’s, when you ran into your ex or have a blind date, when your children have traded their halos for pitchforks, and when it’s a random Tuesday and the idea of steaming chicken and broccoli AGAIN makes you think you have been wrong about cellulite, it is attractive and I do love it…and how fast does Pizza Hut deliver?

We are responsible for our own lives and it is difficult to be there for someone all the time when you have your own life to live, but what if someone you loved pulled out a tourniquet and heroin needle and started to shoot up…what would you say and do…what if their addiction was food and you watched them devour a pound of M&M’s…could you or would you react the same as you did with the heroin addict?
Addiction is addiction, without enormous love, genuine help, and vigilant support…the addict will eventually die from their disease.

So, if you love someone who is addicted to food and I am quite sure you do, remember they are struggling every day. As with all addicts they may not always be easy to deal with, but if you approach them with honest and positive support you will make a difference…love is easy when everyone is smiling, but love is pure when you are willing to go to hell and back to save someone you are not willing to lose.

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Version 4.0

We belong to Generation X…we were born during the Vietnam war, our Mother’s burned their bras, we were teethed on the sounds of singer-songwriters, our journey through puberty was captured by John Hughes, we witnessed technology advance at lightning speed, our music could be seen and we all wanted our MTV, and we survived and thrived on sarcasm and pop culture.

We remember when Reagan was shot by a man obsessed with Jodie Foster, the Space Shuttle Challenger exploded before our own eyes, Oklahoma City was bombed by one of our own, a massacre at Columbine High School made us thankful we had already graduated, and a beautiful Tuesday morning in September 2001 changed us forever.

Some of us have already hit 40 and some of us are heading directly into its path, as for me, it happened more than six months ago and much to my surprise…I have embraced it whole-heartedly.

I never dreaded turning 30 until I woke up on my birthday, and refused to let anyone wish me a “Happy Birthday” until my actual time of birth occurred, which thankfully was 5:44pm…I may have been a bit crazy! After the official time came and went I was good, and I would like to thank tequila for its role in my happiness that day!

I started dreading 40 the day I turned 39, and when I woke up on my 40th birthday it didn’t matter what time it was, I was already an old crone…woe was I. I would like to thank tequila for its role in my happiness that day too, but because a hangover at 40 makes you feel like you are 107 for the next two days, I cannot.

Being in your thirties kicks ass and I would highly recommend them to everyone, and according to every person who has lived through their forties, it not only kicks ass – it takes names!

At 40…comfortable shoes and sexy shoes have equal appeal, being in a nightclub may feel a bit awkward when surrounded by people who don’t remember life before cell phones, words like consistent and reliable are sexy, arguing with a lesser adversary is pointless, you know where to find MTV and still you never go there, and your tolerance for bullshit is non-existent.

Some of us have children in college, and some of us are still trying to drown out the sounds of our biological clocks tick-tick-tocking. Some of us have been married for twenty years, and some of us are wondering if there is such a thing as happily ever after. Some of us see the future as the best to come, and some of us live in the memories of our youth (personally I think this primarily applies to men).

No matter where you are at 40, be thankful and grateful you are no longer in your 20’s ;)


Anthony Michael Hall is cooler than Judd Nelson...what?!

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My name is MissA, and I am a chocoholic!

Can you even imagine uttering the statement "Ooooo, this is too chocolaty for me"?

Could you pass a bowl of M&M's without wanting a handful, or more precisely…the whole damn bowl?!

Do you look at people when they say "I don't like chocolate" like they are aliens?

Are you a CHOCOHOLIC? I am!

I do believe chocolate is a drug, at least for me, and I can use and abuse it like nobody's business...I am the Courtney Love of chocolate!

Giving up chocolate is like an alcoholic giving up booze, or a drug addict giving up anything that alters their state of mind.

It is time to go cold turkey and here is my plan…want to join me?

For me, any other non-chocolate sweet is like methadone, it isn't the same euphoria, but it does temporarily take the edge off.

So, to make sure I do not scarf down every Golden Oreo or Krispy Kreme glazed doughnut I will also give up any food that is not made with 100% whole wheat flour, this greatly reduces impulse buys of convenient treats and homemade goodies...if I really need to satisfy my sweet teeth I have to either take the time to bake, or go out of my way and probably spend too much money to find the treat that will do the trick!

As far as candy is concerned, I like the occasional Skittle or Starburst, but I have never made a beeline for these items, because duh they are not covered in chocolate and they make my tongue feel funny if I eat too much.

This decision is about a real addiction and not a diet trick...I am addicted to chocolate and I hope and pray I succeed at conquering this demon, and if I lose a few pounds in the process you will not hear me complain!

If there were chocoholic anonymous meetings I would go, and collect my milestone chips, instead of devouring chocolate chips.

Eventually I may give up sugar all together, but for now I will find contentment with being 0% cacao!

If you ever find me in a dark pantry, candy bowl or child’s holiday candy stash trying to score a Hershey's Kiss to get my fix…feel free to stage an intervention!

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1. From the Hub...

Is it better to be the heartbreaker or the heartbroken?

No one raises their hand and volunteers to be the heartbroken, unless they are a serious masochist. Being the heartbreaker is far easier in the moment, but what about when all the dust settles?
If the heartbreaker decided to end the relationship because love, sex, passion, friendship or compatibility no longer existed than you cannot blame him for wanting a happier life for himself, but what if the heartbreaker ends the relationship because he is afraid of commitment and believes his own excuses?

The heartbroken survive through the tears, insomnia, jealousy, depression, piled up laundry and dishes, hours of Facebook stalking, long torturous walks down memory lane, and letting their toenail polish chip and the roots of their natural hair color show.
It takes a strong woman to mend her broken heart, but it takes raw courage and whole lot of chutzpah to survive and prosper passed a man who gave up on her and their life together. A woman, who chooses to be heartbroken, rather than live with the excuses and fear of commitment, is a woman who could rule the world.
The heartbreakers are rarely changed when all is said and done, because the excuses still remain and making a commitment is just as scary as it ever was.
The heartbroken fell into the abyss, either by push or leap, and made it out alive and a whole lot smarter for the next time!

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07 October 2011

Music Never Dies

We all have songs that immediately transport us to a certain time, place, or someone. These songs may make us warm and tingly or they may make us melancholy and reflective, either way...there will always be a few notes and some lyrical lines that will make us time travelers, even if it's just for a fleeting moment.

Here are some of mine...

Journey - Open Arms

Guns 'N Roses - Sweet Child 'O Mine

Metallica - Nothing Else Matters

Green Day - Wake Me Up When September Ends

Pearl Jam - Black

Adam Sandler - Crazy Love (no link was available)

Daughtry - Crashed

Paul Simon - Something So Right

Hamlet 2 - Rock Me Sexy Jesus

John Prine - In Spite of Ourselves

John Prine - That's The Way That The World Goes Round

"...It's a happy enchilada, and you think you're gonna drown"
“Reason is not automatic.
Those who deny it cannot be conquered by it.
Do not count on them.
Leave them alone.”

- Ayn Rand

04 October 2011

It's time to do the laundry!

I am not a man-hater and I am always optimistic about the potential of love, but lately it feels like romance is dying and men are baffling me with their inability to see past their own nose…or is it their penis?

I was flipping through the TV channels and came across “The Notebook” – I tried not to watch it, because every time I do I turn into the sappiest of females…two hours later I was a wreck. A few days after watching the movie I read a sex survey that stated women are more apt to have sex after watching “The Notebook”…are you kidding me? “The Notebook” makes me wonder why romance is dead and where are all the “Noah’s”…so, trust me I’d be more apt to stab a man than screw him after watching this movie.
* By the way, if you are wondering what movie men are more apt to have sex after watching is…it’s “Star Wars” - this explains so much!

Maybe that was a random piece of info, but it makes sense to me ;)

Now, to my real life…

My iTunes have been stuck primarily on Adele for weeks now with the occasional break to listen to angry rocker girls and vengeful country chicks, and even the random 80’s power ballad.

I have…poured my heart out and pled my case, cried and argued, developed insomnia and an eye twitch, watched my laundry and dishes pile, become jealous and aloof, tried to be an ice princess and play make-believe, and the worst…let my toenail polish chip and the roots of my hair show.

I have been a heartbroken mess.

A few days ago he said something so ridiculous and so sad about what he chooses for his life that everything started to shift in me, and then yesterday I realized how exhausted I am from being on this teeter-totter of emotions that neither one of us wants to get off of for fear of losing the only person in the world who makes it fun and challenging to play.

I am getting off the teeter-totter and I am going to go swing all alone…I was always really good at getting my swing up high all by myself!

All the love in the world cannot save him from choosing to wallow somewhere dark and imaginary that smells like bakin and is full of plastic drones (bakin is fake and bitter…I would never want to offend the always delicious real bacon).

I have always been happy single…even while heartbroken, but what made me a mess was how much I believe in “us” – when we are good and we are both making an effort…we are perfection.

I would be lying if I didn’t say that a part of me is still hoping for my movie moment…wanting my one true love to realize he cannot live without me…I may never get “Noah”, but I would be just as happy with my very own “Lloyd Dobler”

Like I said I am not a man-hater and I am always optimistic about the potential of love, but I also know better than to hold my breath waiting for someone else to make me happy.

I never asked him to change...I am a woman who loves attributes and flaws, and I find perfection to be a real bore. All I ever wanted was trust, commitment, and honesty...maybe I just wasn't worth the effort, I accept this, but it still hurts to know this could very well be the reason.

One day a smart, funny, and HAPPY man is going to be very lucky he gets me, and if that man doesn’t exist or never finds me then all the cats I adopt will reap the benefits of my amazingness!

One thing did give me hope about romance…

As I was rounding the curve of the street I live on; I noticed a garage door adorned with pink post-it notes arranged as “I ♥ U”, I slowed down to get a better look and noticed that each post-it had words of love and devotion written in the chicken scratch only a male could pen, and the post-it’s were on the garage door directly in front of the cobalt blue mustang parked in the driveway so they would not be missed by their recipient.

…showing a woman you love her doesn’t take anything more than a little effort and little ingenuity.

26 July 2011

I miss flirting...this is the first time in 5 years I am flirt free...it's not awful, it's just weird...I'm taking a long and much needed break, just hope I don't lose my skills :-/

21 July 2011


Do you think anyone ever tells the stories of their life without revising, editing, or fabricating facts and details?

I don’t…I think we all skew and blur to either make ourselves the victim or the hero, depending which serves us best at the time.

I believe generally it is a “no harm, no foul” situation, because more than likely, you are not personally invested into the storyteller’s life.

Now, if you have a starring role in the story, especially if it has anything to do with a personal or intimate relationship, you want to hear it being told exactly as it was lived…otherwise, there is going to be a whole lot of “Liar! Liar! Pants on fire!” being shouted about.

I am not an irrational person, I do not see myself as a victim, I prefer laughter over almost everything else, I would rather hear and tell the brutal truth than have anything to do with a beautiful lie, and everything I do for another human being is from my heart and I never expect anyone to “owe” me…I am sensitive and emotional, I cry when I am hurting or angry, I don’t cry when I am sad or numb, I get tired of jokes and sarcasm when you are trying to work things out, and to me, the omitting of details and facts is as shitty as a lie.

That being said…

When it comes to the telling of my relationship stories; I remember everything and I am honest, even if it doesn’t paint me in the best light. I am not an angel, I have flaws aplenty, and I am quite sure I reap what I have sown.

I don’t mind being the princess, basket case, sweetheart, rebel, dork, or asshole in the stories of my life, just as long as when they are told, they are told exactly as they happened.

As I move through my break-up, while still spending time with him and truly trying to be just friends again, it is his revisionist history of the way things went down that drives me insane, because even though I ended our relationship…I was never the reason it had to end.

I know I was patient and forgiving (far more than I have ever been with any other person in my life), I was helpful and understanding (even when I knew I didn’t have to be), and even now, I continue to love and care about him without any expectations.

Well, I guess I do have expectations…I want the story of us told accurately and I want complete brutal honesty.

Tell your life stories truthfully to the ones you love and respect…starting with yourself!

05 July 2011

Brutal honesty is always better than a beautiful lie.

25 May 2011

Next chapter...

The final episode of Oprah and breaking up with my boyfriend on the same day...I just may be in estrogen overload!

I have never felt incomplete or unworthy, I have never felt lost or needed to be saved, and I have never expected anyone else to make me happy, because I have always been happy.

I have always wondered why I do not have romantic relationships that are uncomplicated, well-rounded, and enduring. I have always wondered why these men always treat me as the “one that got away,” especially when they did nothing to keep me from getting away.

I have figured out that I am drawn towards men who, in one way or another, remind me of my Father, and as God as my witness, I would rather be alone with a house full of cats, than to be involved with one more man who resembles my Father, in any way, shape or form. The day I removed my Father from my life was like cutting cancer out of my soul, it was painful, but I got a whole new lease on life.

The girl who waited and waited, and waited and waited for the cutest, smartest, funniest boy she ever met to do right by her…well, she no longer exists.

The girl who agreed it would be too hard to make it work, gave the ok to just let her go, and didn’t fight for what she wanted for the sake of eschewing drama …well, she no longer exists either.

The girl who understood boys will be boys, didn’t call out the excuses as total bullshit, and when her feelings and spirit were hurt she shut down – when she should have tacked your balls to your inner thigh (jk…well…ha!)…well, she most definitely no longer exists.

I am truly happy, I am lit up from the inside and my light is beautiful and bright, and I believe approaching my little piece of the world in an optimistic way with my heart on my sleeve and a smile on my face is the only way to be!

I can add extra doses and doses of happiness to the people in my world, but I do not have the ego or the arrogance to believe I can make another person happy; your individual happiness is for you to create and nurture…if you are not happy, then you will infest me with your depression and misery, and no one has the right to steal, tarnish, or extinguish my happiness and light!

Words that make you tingle and weak in the knees are worthless unless fully supported by real and meaty actions…laughter and joy should be shared daily…if you have ever loved and cared for someone, continue to love and care for them, even if it is done at a distance…apologize…forgive…let it roll of your back…move forward…be present…love, love, love, and then love some more.

In a dark and cool bedroom, snuggled up and comfortable this morning - I said “I love you, you are my best friend, and we should break up.”

My sincere wish is he finds how to be happy with himself again, because he is spectacular and one of a kind…I love him, more than anyone I have ever known, but my love for him isn’t worth the sacrifice of my own happiness.

I know longer will look back and wonder why, I will no longer look forward and wonder what is next, I am living in the present...if I am ever blessed to be 80 years old, sitting on a dock with the person I love, dangling our feet in the water, all I ask is that we are as individually happy, as the happiness we share being together :)

"Forgiveness is giving up the hope that the past could of been any different"
- Oprah

10 May 2011

Still laughing...Is this too much to ask for?
“A guy and a girl can be just friends,
but at one point or another,
they will fall for each other...
Maybe temporarily,
maybe at the wrong time,
maybe too late,
or maybe forever”